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Episode 3

xG Studios

This week Finley sits down with Jim and Neil from xG studios. xG rewards athletes real world sports participation with personalised digital collectible and the xG utility token. They've just partnered with Flow Blockchain and Future Romance to deliver NFT's to celebrate and encourage grass-roots sports activity.

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Episode 2

Adam Partington (Futera)

Futera marketing director and community manager, Adam Partington, joins Finley to talk about how Futera transitioned from web2 to web3 and his thoughts on the current space. They delve into how Futera United's NFT's benefit their community and how they continue to innovate and seperate themselves from other projects.

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Episode 1

Pet Berisha

Sporting-crypto writer, entrepreneur, podcaster and pioneer, Pet Berisha, joins Finley to discuss how his journey in crypto started and why web3 has gained so much traction. They go into depth about how it will effect the sporting world and benefit the community as a whole.

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