On a mission to scout & fund young footballers financially

↳ About us

NFT FC is a collection of 10,000 randomly assigned digital collectibles living on the Ethereum blockchain as ERC-721 tokens.  If you have no clue what that means... We are a football project aimed at financially supporting young players trying to achieve their dream. We aim to benefit our players and holders through creating a DAO that makes it easier for players from around the world to achieve their dreams.




Each holder has the ability to put forward suggestions for NFT FC to implement in the future. We value community involvement and because of this a portion of our club fund will be set aside to reward members who contribute ideas that benefit our community as a whole.


As a part of giving back to the community we will be supporting young players financially in order to make their journey to becoming a professional a lot easier. The players are voted for by our holders through submissions by the community or the player him/herself. Our future plans to create a dApp will allow our holders to take part in a fantasy style game which will earn them passive income and keep them up to date with our players journey to making it as a professional.


Profit from secondary sales and merchandise will be placed back into the club fund and distributed among holders. The club fund, combined with our dApp, will make NFT FC profitable for all of its holders...



↳ roadmap


Our holders will have access to handsome giveaways for competing in FIFA, fantasy and other competitions. We will run an activity and invite contest where we will be giving away 15 NFT's and 2 ETH leading up to launch. An EPL tipping contest will also be run with the winner receiving a free NFT each week.


On November 24th we will be dropping 1,000 NFT's to our early adopters. Every early adopter who buys an NFT on the 24th will win our first kit for free. Any extra kits left over will then be given to the next drop on the 15th of December.


We will be establishing our own "fan store" where we will design and sell NFT FC merchandise. Holders will have significant discount on all products with a portion of the profits going back into the club fund. We aim to have a fully operational merchandise store, creating our own global NFT FC brand.


Our founder knows all too well the struggles of trying to make it as a professional but needing the money to do so. Too many players never get the oppurtunity to fulfil their dreams to financial and other reasons. This is why our main mission is to give back to young players, to fund them and create content around their journey.


We will be actively pursuing your favourite players from around the world to collaborate with NFT FC and release limited edition NFT's that will be free to mint for our holders.


The idea of creating our own dApp will include the use of our own native crypto token where holders can purchase "player cards" of any player we decide to support. The performance of this player will earn the holder passive income of our token in a fantasy style game. The use of this crypto token will also allow us to fund more players at a higher level.


We will setting aside some of our NFT's to be airdropped to our early supporters in our community. A pre sale will also allow our most active members the chance to mint before everybody else.






dApp & Token



Making sure our community wins

In order to show our appreciation to our community, holders will have access to our club fund that is generated through secondary and merchandise sales. Our holders will be distributed this money at the end of each month via merchandise coupons to reward them for their involvement.

A portion of our primary sales will also be set aside to reward club members who contribute to the betterment of our community. Whether it be designing merchandise or coming up with ideas that benefit everyone, our club members will be compensated for their efforts.

Leading up to launch we will be running activity and invite contests and giving away 15 NFT's and 2 ETH. Every week we will also be running an EPL tipping competition where every week the winner will win one of our NFT's when we launch.

Helping players achieve their dreams

The founder of NFT FC knows all too well how financially straining starting out professional football can be. It is painful to see how many players never get the chance to fulfil their dreams to financial reasons and not knowing the right people. This is why NFT FC is committed to support players so that they have the right funding and get seen by the right people.

Our application will allow board members to vote from community/player submissions. Holders of our crypto token will also be allowed to mint a player edition card. The players performance and journey to making it as a professional will also allow our holders to earn passive income in a fantasy style game.

To stay up to date with our dApp and future plans, join the discord and get involved in our growing community.

Establishing NFT FC

Our long term goal is to use the funds generated by the blockchain to establish our very own football club of talented players. We will be creating content around our players journey to making it as a professional. The content will showcase the struggles around making it as a professional as we aim to change young players lives.

Our merchandise store will also feature certain NFT's with physical products attached to them. Every year when we release our kit it will be bought by first purchasing an NFT. This way whoever buys a kit can have an NFT attached to it that will be more valuable in the future.

We want our holders to be a part of something bigger than the ordinary NFT collection and truly test the boundaries of how strong communities formed on the blockchain can be.


When will minting begin?

VIP Initial drop (Whitelist of 600)
When: November 24th 6pm EST
Release: 1,000/10,000
Benefits for holders: Free NFT FC 21 Kit for everybody who mints

Second DropWhen: December 15th
Release: 3,000/10,000
Benefits for holders: Professional player NFT giveaway & players to support

Third Drop
When: January 15thRelease: 5,000/10,000
Benefits for holders: Professional player NFT giveaway & players to support

Fourth Drop
When: February 15thRelease: 7,000/10,000
Benefits for holders: Professional player NFT giveaway & players to support

Fifth Drop
When: March 15th
Release: 10,000/10,000
Benefits for holders: Professional player NFT giveaway & players to support

What is the mint price per token?

0.05 ETH.
Each drop date we will revisit the ETH amount to make sure its around the same price.

How will the OG drop work?

24th November 6pm EST - OG drop is max 4 per wallet for whitelist.
25th November 6am EST - 20 per transaction

To get on our whitelist for the OG drop you need to fill out the google form in our discord or in our instagram/twitter bio.

How do I get an NFT FC token?

The OG drop is limited to our earliest and most active members. To make sure you get on the whitelist for the OG drop, join our discord to fill out the form. On the 24th of November at 6pm EST, refresh our website, and click the mint button at the top of the page.

After our OG launch on November 24th, we will be releasing 2,000 more every month from the 15th of December until we reach 10,000

What is NFT FC and what can I expect in the future?

NFT FC is a collection of 10,000 unique tokens on the Ethereum blockchain. Our main mission is to support young players financially and create content around their journey to making it as a professional.

What can I expect in the future for NFT FC?

Our future dApp will allow holders of our crypto token to mint "player cards" of the players we support. The players performance will earn our holders passive income and allow them to take part in a fantasy style game. We will also be creating one of the first NFT fan stores where people can purchase an NFT of our kit and get sent the physical item. NFT FC aims to be one of the biggest brands in the world to fund and showcase young players around the world.

What is the club fund and how does it work?

The club fund is a fund that gives back to our followers. It is generated by secondary sales and a portion of merchandise sales. A portion of the primary sales is also allocated to the club fund to reward certain community members who go above and beyond and contribute ideas that benefit the community as a whole.

What is the smart contract address?



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