NFT FC is a community of football fans, using web3 to revolutionise the future of football

The blueprint

NFT FC is a community of football fans looking to support footballers and help them on their journey to becoming a professional. We plan to support our players through an effective, well-resourced DAO (decentralised autonomous organisation) and other areas of business that don't involve taking percentages away from the players.

We will incentivise participation through our token and leverage the power of our community to build a global football brand that has supported many professional players successfully. For their active involvement in our project, holders of $NFTFC will receive a range of financial incentives and gain greater access to the players themselves, through meet ups, signed jerseys, game tickets and more.

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Frequently Asked

If you have questions that are not listed here, join our discord and ask.

1. How does NFT FC work?

We are leveraging the unique capabilities of the blockchain to deliver value to supporters/fans who support NFT FC athletes. Our members will have access to our players that includes updates on their journey, periodic virtual meetups, and other giveaways including game tickets, signed jerseys and more.
This type of engagement aims to mutually benefit both our community and our players, helping players excel in their career and giving unseen access to supporters.

2. What is a DAO?

A DAO (Decentralised Autonomous Organisation) is similar to a co-op (Cooperative Business), in where a community comes together to achieve a shared mission. DAO’s aim to eliminate the need, and greed, of a traditional hierarchical business.
The simplest way of thinking about DAO’s, is  an internet community sharing common interests, coming together to achieve a shared mission. In our case, its fans coming together to find and support as many football players as we possibly can. The use of a DAO allows for football fans to band together and use our shared resources to disrupt an exploitive system.

3. What benefits do I get for buying the token?

- Inside access to their journey (updates, news, information)
- Autographed photos, gear, jerseys
- Tickets to games and other in-person events
- Personalised messages from athletes
- Exclusive access to virtual events and spaces in the metaverse
With the pace at which the blockchain space is evolving, onboarding members and providing them more benefits and access will develop over time

4. Why web3, crypto & NFT's?

At NFT FC, we believe in a bottom-up approach. Football was built by the people and their involvement in the sport from its early days. Our project will be no different.
Our plan is to release our own governance token, $NFTFC. This will allow us to incentivise early participation in our project and reward our community for their active involvement.
What does this look like?
We are well aware of the backlash against the current state of web3 and believe in exploring all possibilities and consulting with our community before making any decisions. Sustainability, transparency and accessibility will be at the forefront of our approach.

5. How can I get involved?

To learn more about how to buy $NFTFC join our discord, here, or check out our whitepaper for more information, here.
You can also get involved without being a holder and earn $NFTFC. If you want to help us achieve our mission, reach out to the team on discord, or email finley@nftfc.club

6. Where do the funds from the project go?

When we release our token, we will do so via a crowdfund.
These funds will be used to start supporting players and exploring other avenues that ensure our sustainability.

7. How do you plan to support players?

Some of the areas we can provide support to players are:
- Financial support
- Athlete services (training etc)
- Exposure (Overtime)
- Image & IP
- Brand deals
- Agents and managers

8. What are the future plans for NFT FC?

When our players win, our community wins.
Our brand, reputation and value of $NFTFC will grow in proportion to the amount of players we have helped turn pro.
We plan to use our treasury to support more players and invest in other areas of business that will benefit our community.
By putting an emphasis on our players and community members, we plan to revolutionise the way clubs and organisations give back to their fans.

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